About Us

We have always had an affair with an active lifestyle and better for you snacks and it was always a struggle as we never wanted to sacrifice our sweet tooth and our taste buds.

Gnuts Snackbar was born during Covid19 quarantine, with simple all natural ingredients concept made locally in Lebanon. The rest is history..

Why G?

It all started when partners were brainstorming about names of the brand and we started writing random words collectively we've chosen words that start with G like Good, Gravity, Gym, Grounded, Ground, Graceful, Growth, Genuine, Go, Get Going, Guidance, Glow, Genius, Goodness, Great, Gain, Game.

جاذبية, جري, جيد, جذاب, جسم, جرأة, جهد, جائزة .

A story as simple as our bars!